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I’m Allie, a self-taught illustrator living in Auckland, New Zealand, in a small village next to a creek with my husband and our two pampered pussycats.


I grew up in London, England, with two older sisters and being the youngest by several years my imagination became my best friend and ‘happy place’, and I spent many hours conjuring up all sorts of adventures in our backyard or local park and losing myself in drawing, painting, and dressing-up.


My passion for adventure has never left me and I've travelled to more than 35 countries across six continents and discovered many beautiful remote villages, kind-hearted folk, and fascinating cultures. Travel has significantly enriched my life as it has given me a deeper understanding of others and an acceptance of myself.


My other passion (apart from dressing-up - especially for Murder Mystery parties) is exploring all things creative and continually learning and experimenting. I’m particularly drawn to illustration because I find it a source of joy and connection and there is nothing better than seeing someone smile.


I enjoy blending traditional and digital mediums together to create interest, texture, and colour in my work.


If you’d like to connect, I’d love to hear from you ... please drop me a line ...


I’m open to commissions and licensing!